Stem Cell Test - Order On-Line

For the first time Stem Cell Tests became widely available for physicians, anti-aging specialists and everybody else who is interested to know the level of adult stem cells (CD34+ cells) in blood. We could also say that the Stem Cell Test is available globally, since the time limitation is 36 hours between the 1ml blood is drawn and tested at the Toronto laboratory.   And courier companies could ship a blood sample from most major cities within 36 hours to Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto Laboratory is accredited, licensed and ISO 15189 certified. The company has been in business for 15 years and has assessed over 50,000 stem cell products in blood, bone marrow and cord blood.

It has been shown that higher numbers of adult stem cells in the blood correlate to a longer lifespan and a lower prevalence of any chronic disease, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and osteoporosis. Consequently, knowing the number of circulating stem cells in our blood, and more importantly, increasing this level, could be an important part of our quest for health and wellness.

We provide the Stem Cell Test as part of the ‘Global Stem Cell and Telomere Study’ we have developed.  Consider becoming a Study participant to help all of us to learn more about poorly understood, intricate interconnections between adult (hematopoietic) stem cell levels, length of telomeres, cellular nutritional state (nutrient deficiency or excess), and toxic burden.


Sample Collection for Stem Cell Test

  1. We need 3mL of blood in sodium heparin tube (green top vacutainer).  Do not use citrate.
  2. The sample is to be shipped preferably cold at 4C and must arrive within 36 hours of blood draw. (Blood sample can't touch ice and can't freeze!)
  3. Results are sent back within a week as an e-mail attachment.